Fine Art // BA Hons Degree

Once upon a time (2004-2007), I studied  Fine Art and Photography & Video as a joint BA Hons degree at De Montfort University.

My degree show for Fine Art was a series of experiments in sound and moving image, which you can view below.

Video 1 : Experiment in Image and Sound // Starting with a portrait made up of greyscale pixels, each pixel was assigned a musical note determined by the amount of the colour Black in the pixel. The portrait was then ‘played’ – both musically and as an animation – pixels with matching colour values are shown on screen as the notation is played (left to right, one line at a time).

Video 2 : Portrait of You and Me // Portraits of 2 people were pixelated, then each pixel was assigned a musical note based on its colour value. The people in the portraits sing the relevant notes, as each pixel appears on screen. The portraits are ‘played’ in unison.

Video 3 : In the Beginning // Using the original Hebrew alphabet (where each letter has a relative number), I translated Genesis Chapter 1 into colour blocks and musical notes.

Video 4 : A madrigal on R : Land and Sea // I took 2 photos, one of land and one of sea, and pixelated them. I used the amount of R (Red) in each pixel to determine a musical note. The 2 photographs are played simultaneously. The colours shown in the film are the colours of the pixel that is relative to the note.


// Photoshop + After Effects + Premiere + Cubase